From an Idea to a Bona Fide Drink

Why do we have to pay extra for guac on our burritos? Why is the Earth round? (Is it?) Why do most energy drinks leave you with jitters and a flavor that's about as exciting as watching paint dry?

These were just a few of the many thoughts that crossed our minds as we spent countless afternoons slumped at work. We couldn't do much about the first two, but as self-proclaimed energy drink connoisseurs, we had a problem to solve. Enter muci. 

muci is a plant based energy drink we crafted that's focused on smooth energy to bring you back to your best self. At the heart of muci is something called 'mucilago de café'—our secret sauce, if you will (psst that's where the name comes from). It's a by-product of coffee packed with antioxidants and sourced straight from Colombian coffee farms.

And who better to represent the smooth vibes of our brand than Tito, the sloth gracing our cans? Because let's face it, energy doesn't have to be all about bench-pressing 400 pounds. It's about finding your groove and bringing yourself back to being you, no matter how laid-back it may be.

So, what's our mission? Simple. We want to rewrite the energy drink narrative, one refreshing sip at a time. We stand for everything opposite the energy drink market stands for us. Join us on this wild ride as we redefine what it means to power through your day. 


muci plant based energy drink - cranberry
muci plant based energy drink - cranberry

Our Ethos

  • Give the good sh*t, not the bullsh*t

    We want to provide you long-lasting energy and excite your taste buds while being a healthier and more sustainable option. Simple.

  • Spread good vibes (only)

    We're on a serious mission to spread good vibes to people's days...and have a damn good time doing it!

  • Help you be your best self

    Let's face it, life's too short to be a blob ALL the time. We're here to provide the energy that brings you back to your best self.