We've loaded this thing up with some seriously good stuff.

Each of our flavors contains mucilago de cafe (coffee mucilage), green coffee extract, green tea extract (its not easy being this green), guarana extract, a B-vitamin blend, delicious fruit juices, natural flavors and beet sugar.

Each can contains 114mg of naturally occurring caffeine from green coffee beans. About the same amount as 12 oz of black coffee ☕.

Yes! Nothing in our drink is sourced from animals or their by-products.

Other sweeteners? Artificial & fake like a reality TV star or too sweet, that it puts you in a sugar coma.

The answer is simple - we refuse to let our drinks taste like sh*t.

Recycling's cooler cousin, upcycling, is like turning discarded stuff into good stuff. It's an eco friendly way of using nutritious waste material to create something new.

That's what we're doing at muci by basing a small part of our drinks on mucilago de café, an upcycled by-product of coffee.

More on mucilago de café here.

Got questions? We got answers.

Drop us a line at hello@drinkmuci.com.

After clicking the "check out" button you might be eagerly jumping up and down on your sofa waiting your muci order arrive. In the background, we will be doing everything we can to make sure the order arrives within 3 to 5 business days.

114mg of natural caffeine mixed with our plant-based extracts, delicious juices and B-vitamins could definitely help.

But XLOOKUP's are on you ladies and gents!

🦥 Tito the Sloth is the soul of the brand, the character that represents what we stand for.

Energy doesn't have to only relate to something extreme, like a hyperactive kangaroo squatting 300 pounds while boxing.

Energy is a feeling, it doesn't matter how you use it or how you show it. Even a sloth can feel energetic. The goal of muci is to help you continue with your day feeling like your best self.

Do you want to be a sloth whisperer?